Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Content is King

Most SEO companies demand content, and lots of it, in order to generate the high search rankings that are their ultimate goal. You can buy content, hire freelancers, or hire full time staff, but are your long term goals being met by all this content being spread across the "interwebs"? What exactly are you accomplishing?

In the short term, this plan can be effective, but in the long term, you may end up driving untargeted traffic that only wastes bandwidth. For example, one company I worked for targeted the keywords, "signal enhancement" and a majority of the content generated focused on these keywords. Because "enhancement" can be paired with other words, most notably "pen*s", we drove a lot of traffic from the search engines for "pen*s enhancement".

Watch for any keywords that may be paired with porn or gambling casinos, as they can unfairly keep you from generating the rankings you desire. Most blackhat SEO companies utilize similar word pairings to drive traffic to their sites from unsuspecting surfers.

To battle this, a company should put in place a content strategy plan, along with an editorial calendar, that focuses on your entire set of keywords, from top ten to long tail, to ensure that your content is written FOR the user, not the search engines. It should meet BOTH criteria - keyword frequency and information for the reader that is engaging, informative and serves their needs.

Ultimately, it's your visitors that are important. You need them to pick up the phone or place an order online in order to drive revenue. Keep this in mind as you build your content  and your content will drive the right traffic to your site, keep them engaged, and act.

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  1. LoLZ!! You took words right out of my mouth. Actually, I am working for pretty same SEO(indeed,another black-hat) company, and I really have no idea why they pressurize me so much to remain "Keyword oriented only". Even, almost entire content we deliver is supposed to seem "A complete blend of information and helpful details", but at last, we leave nothing but a unique mixture of keywords, keywords and keywords only. It's not a pleasant experience at all, however, boss is always right and I must have to live with it only :)