Thursday, March 1, 2012

Improving Market Share Through the Development of an Interactive Online Presence (Part 2)


Internet Marketing:
Consists of traditional search engine marketing, traffic analysis, link exchanges with high ranking related web sites, posting and linking back from related web sites, online advertising, etc.

Blog Marketing:
The purpose of the blog is to update visitors to the site on a regular basis. The blog should encompass more than company-centric content and more on your industry as a whole, broadening your SEO capabilities, enabling RSS registration, and providing a web destination that is empirically recognized as the place to go for information on industry-related topics, segmented by your company’s main product offerings.  Short articles of interest to visitors, links to other sites of interest, comments and responses to industry announcements, etc. should be scheduled on a at least a weekly basis for B2B marketing, with a higher frequency for consumer marketing.

Explore rich media such as webinars, video demos, films, interviews of your staff - humanizing your company, providing faces to go with names, goes far when engaging your customers and prospects.

Let's talk a second about content. It can be re-used, but it has to be done smartly. What I've done in the past is have different copywriters re-write the same content for different purposes. A blog post can be extended to become an article for distribution. An article can be augmented to become a white paper. Short paragraphs from any of these items can be linked to the rest of the content on most social media and blogs. Think about how you can reuse what you already have.

Email Marketing Implementation Strategy:
Persuasively written personalized email campaigns are far more effective than traditional direct mail campaigns. Opt-in email newsletters are an inexpensive yet highly profitable way to contact customers and prospects on a regular basis to announce company news, product launches, staff introductions, industry-related news, job openings and more, without the high cost of printing, postage and labor to process a printed newsletter version. This process describes a one-to-many distribution method. Before the internet, it was always a many-to-many distribution which resulted in people having different versions of their latest contact with you. Now, you have control of who sees what when. You can even have a membership-driven pre-announcement version for those who pay for the privilege.

Marketing can send email messages in any format including text, html, embedded graphics and attachments. Monitor and analyze your email campaigns with reports to learn who reads the emails and who clicks through to your web site.

Email Alerts and List:
Using an email marketing tool such as Relevant Tools, you can send email alerts to all the registered users informing them whenever a bulletin or announcement is uploaded to the site. This can also be used for regularly scheduled email newsletters directed to different target audiences, such as prospects, press/media, Spanish speakers, etc. This will cut down on costs and help in the timely broadcasts of information to those who request it. The list should be updated automatically as soon as a visitor enrolls to receive the email.


Three Types of Social Media
1. Publish
2. Share
3. Network

Social Media: The Publish Construct 
Everyone can publish anything for everyone
Publish everything we have anywhere we can
Monitor what others publish, promote it
Empower your customers to publish
Monitor What’s Published
Promote Flattering Content
Empower Customers to Publish 
Social Media: The Share Construct 
Anyone can promote anything to everyone
Monitor what’s being shared about us
Find where our audience hangs out
Promote our content and other content
Produce content our audience will love and want to share 
Social Media: The Networking Construct 
Anyone can connect with everyone from anywhere
Make friends
Find your existing connections
Network through groups
Add to your email signature, blog articles, bio or profile…
Be helpful
Answer questions
Share interesting content
Make connections

Join Social Networks
Develop consistent, in-depth profiles
Meet people and start conversations
Answer questions – help others
Ask questions – trust others’ advice

Become a Real Member of the Community:
Add value to the community
Ask and answer questions
More effective than live cocktail parties
No boundaries of time or space
Other people can listen in easily

Measuring Results
Blog Subscribers & Visitors Bookmarks
Inbound Links
Facebook Fans & Activity

Other Metrics to Pay Attention To:
Video views on YouTube
Friends on Facebook or LinkedIn
Votes for blog articles
Posts in forums
Questions answered on Yahoo Answers

Online Advertising Campaigns Deployment Strategy:
Plan and implement an online marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic to the web sites. There are many aspects to online advertising from simple banner ads, Google Adwords, to rich media placements. Identifying the correct sites to advertise on is key.

Evaluate not only the unique visitor numbers (to maximize exposure to your market), but location, if you are focused on a particular market. Review "real estate" - when negotiating with a site, check what ads sizes and locations are available and whether sub-pages would be preferable. Ad management and rates are all over the place. Test lots of ad sites AND A/B test ads to see what drives traffic. Is it an offer for a free white paper? Is it a free 90 day trial of your online service? Testing different approaches is crucial to find out what are the emotional touchpoints that will drive click-throughs to your web site.

Online Advertising Campaigns consists of the following fundamentals:
Online Advertising Campaign Management
Advertising Creative Concept Development
Media Buying / Placement Services
Pay per Click (PPC)
Cost per Action (CPA)
Banner Advertising
Web Site Sponsorships

Link Building Implementation Strategy
Generating quality back-links from websites, blogs and other online destinations to drive traffic to the website and increase Google PageRank. The trick to making this a long term, qualified traffic growth strategy is to links between high quality, relevant sites between your web site and other industry related sites, authorities, etc. Usually calling this page "Resources", and be genuine that these links ARE actually resources, can drive cross traffic between your sites for mutual benefit.

Example Link Exchange Acceptable Link Guidelines*:

Page on which link exists must be cached by Google.
Page on which link exists features 150 outbound links or less.
Page (or Home Page) on which link exists has a PR3 or above.
Site in which link is placed features no more than 25,000 links.
Site in which link is placed is not blacklisted or identified as a SPAM site.
Links must last a minimum of 90 days. Obviously, you are looking for maximum life span.
Links should be on domains that are registered in the locations of interest (India for domestic marketing, international sites as targeted by your marketing plan.).
Link page should not have junk links or unrelated links.
Site in which link is placed should be theme-based and not a directory.
Linking sites should have different class C IP addresses.
Linking domain should not be redirected to another address.
Page where our link is located should not redirect to a different domain.
There must be a direct link to our site in spite of having certain redirects.

* These are the minimum criteria. The criteria may be changed as needed.

These two blog posts detail the very basics of internet marketing. If you have specific comments about your particular industry or have specific challenges you'd like me to respond to, please let me know by sharing a comment below.


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