Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Parents Are Coming to India in Two Days!

My parents are doing a major trip around the world that started back in September, I believe. It's the trip of a lifetime. A few years ago during a visit they made to my house outside Chicago, my father was talking about doing a road trip to a few places in the states, but he wouldn't set a date. He was semi-retired, and I asked him why he was putting it off. He said that he didn't have the time with all the projects he was working on. I paused and said to him, "You know, you're not getting any younger. You keep thinking about it and putting it off... what if you or Mom get sick before you get the chance?"

he took it to heart, and every year after that, my mum and dad would make major road trips across the United States lasting three to four months a year, each night, plugging into the internet and managing their projects. They own their own architectural firm, so they relied upon my brothers to handle any personal interaction while on the road.

After my son and I moved to India in 2007, my mum decided to expand their horizon. My dad has always been an avid history buff and archeologist, and as a younger man, had explored Eurpoe and the Mayan ruins in Mexico and Central America. My mum decided to plan an itinerary that would take my father on a customized archeological tour to all the places in the world that were of interest to him. They started in Spain focusing on the Alahambra, then moved to Greece and the outer islands, then Egypt, up to Petra in Jordan, and they'll be arriving here in India in a couple of days, to visit Chandigarh. He's a huge Corbusier fan. After they leave here, they'll go on to visit Ankor Wat in Cambodia, then up to China... not sure what the rest of the itinerary is!

I am so glad to be able to show India to my family. They've never understood my profound connection to this place that has been my spiritual home for more than 30 years. :-)

My son and I will show them Chandigarh for two days, then go to Dharmsala and McLeodganj for four days, the return to Gurgaon, where we'll delve deeply into Delhi and its soul and history. Then we'll head to Agra, because, well, you just HAVE to see the Taj if you're coming to India... then back to Gurgaon to celebrate my son and my mother's birthday. They were born on the same day - December 8th. When he was born, her first grandchild, she said that, "he was the best birthday present she was ever given". :-)

I can't wait to see them again. It's been two years since we've seen them. This trip they're on has been amazing, based on the emails my mum has been sending. I'll post more info during our tours here in India. I am especially interested in Dharmsala, as I've never been there, the Taj and Chandigarh I visited 30 years ago - I'm interested in seeing how they've changed...