Friday, January 29, 2010

Heading to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Two weeks from now, I will be heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the biggest GSM conference in the world. VNL and Shyam, two of my companies, will be exhibiting across the aisle from each other in Hall 2, so I'll be supervising the building of TWO different booths this year. Exciting? Yes, but also a TON of work. The space is challenging - I'm dealing with three large columns that restricted our options on layout, but we came up with a set of matching designs using the same materials to illustrate the connection between the two companies. I can't wait to share the photos.

VNL will be continuing to demonstrate its village deployment solution, a small, easy-to-assemble solar powered base station that can be transported to any corner of the planet. Shyam Telecom will be introducing a bunch of new products that I'm really excited about.

VNL is also up for two awards - Green Telecom and Technology Innovation. The second day of the show will feature the announcements on these... I'm hoping we win this year. I'd like to see Rajiv make his way to the podium and thank a room full of industry leaders for one or both of the awards!

I'm also looking forward to visiting Spain and eating lots of interesting foods and drinking lovely wines... meeting people from all over the world... meeting up with staff that work on other continents... good times.

See you in Barcelona. :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How NOT to Use Linkedin for Marketing

Today, I received this lovely email from a gent in Bangalore who wanted to sell me something:

On 01/05/10 11:19 PM, CHAKRAVARTHI BEZAWADA B tech(biotech),MBA(IB) wrote:
dear sir
i am chakravrthi from bangalore, India .i have done engineering and masters in business administration.i have started an add agency named as laser ads .which is very innovative and effective .i am an young entrepreneur .presently we are having few young dynamic brains for this project.we are providing services at low cost and more effective manner.we are cost effective because we are expecting very few renumeration.we are working for building of strong brand.
we offer
company brand recall
product information
our ways of promotion
paper cups
water cans
green ads
sand ads
these are the some vehicles of our ad promotions.all our ads are eco friendly and our name laser our ads are more penetrative in we are young and dynamic we are commited to work hard for building trust on we are young please give us an opportunity so that we will
provide best service.
thanking you

My response to this gentleman:

Are you for real? First, I'm not a sir as you can plainly see in my avatar. Second, my first language is English and what you wrote is barely English. If you want to sell something to me, figure out who I am, and present yourself in as professional a manner as possible. Why would I expect you to provide me with quality products when your email is so very poorly written? Why would I expect you to have any attention to detail with my order?

Don't contact me again. In marketing, you have 30 seconds maximum to make me interested. Instead, I am repulsed. There are so many things wrong here, I can't even begin to describe the issues...

Good luck.

Here on my blog, I can get into more detail. First, I don't know this person at all. He's not connected to me except through some random group I'm connected to on Linkedin. What I found so appalling was the obvious mass emailing that the person did without any regard to netiquette. (I suspect it was one of the green group because he does mention "eco-friendly"...)
1. Why would I care what his educational background was?
2. He says his "add agency" (sic) is innovative and effective. How? Why should I believe him?
3. What the hell does this mean? "
we offer
company brand recall
product information
our ways of promotion

4. And what the hell are these?
green ads
sand ads

Serious issue? No contact information in the email. No web site.  Let me say that again - NO WEB SITE. And that only took me a minute. Think about how much more appalling it would be if I really wanted to comment on the grammar and punctuation! :-)