Friday, October 24, 2008

Mona Lisa Smile

I never watch chick flicks. I hate them actually, but because my son was on the computer, and nothing else was on television, I watched the last half of the movie. I realized something about myself. It's weird. I've always walked my own path. Divorced my husband because he didn't want kids, and found someone who would have one with me. I traveled wherever and whenever I could. I read voraciously about other cultures, but essentially I've always been who I am. I'm a loud New Yorker who swears a lot and expects people to do their job. I'm a great boss and mentor to those who understand my way of working and the boss from Hell to those who don't. I'm the first person to show up when a friend needs a hand, but I'll also be the first friend to drop you if I no longer trust you or you have put your latest boyfriend before me.

My life is my own and who I am, I have no regrets on it. I'm strong because my parents pushed me to be my potential. They were first rate professionals in their own right and deserve the respect and admiration they've gained from their colleagues over the years. My dad, most importantly, showed me that politically correct is the wrong way to do anything - he's my idol and role model for my life and I will always respect him for what he taught me by example. His life wasn't always easy and neither has mine been, but we've built our own roads and the people who follow us know they'll get substance for their time. My son follows in my shoes and I so admire the young man he's becoming because he WILL make change in this world because of the background he's been dealt.

Thank you, my readers. I've had some significant changes in my life that I'm not ready to reveal, but someday soon... things will change for the better.

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  1. I wish you well and hope that what now seems hard will one day reveal the lesson it held....that is what I see in my life when it takes a hard turn at least~