Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Response to a Reader: Making an SEO Plan

I'm assuming you're looking to increase organic search results. The way I develop a plan is start by confirming what the goals are with the stakeholders. Let's illustrate by using a simple example. The company manufactures gardening equipment: hoes, wheelbarrows, spades, lawn trim, etc. They sell in bulk to retail stores and also sell retail from the web site and ship to consumers in the U.S. The online business is not doing the percentage of business they expected. After speaking with the stakeholders, you agree to drive consumer traffic from the U.S. to your web site, convert them to members and process a membership fee. Your goals need to be that specific.

The next thing to determine is how you plan to measure these goals. Do you need a special confirmation page after membership completion and the membership fee processing? What analytics tools will you use? (Tools will vary based on volume - on a smaller site, Google Analytics will be useful; WebTrends works well with more complex sites.) Their tracking codes need to be added to your site as soon as possible. You need to establish a baseline before making any changes.

Next, establish the demographics you are targeting. For games, there are many sectors that will be attracted to certain games and not others. For gardening sites, the sectors will be quite different but could be just as varied.

[NOTE] At this point I was bored myself. Hasn't this already been done to death on better blog by better SEOers than me?

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