Sunday, March 8, 2009

The May Report

While reading The May Report, an online business news source focused on Chicago, I found an interesting bit of information on where Obama placed his online media campaign dollars:

Top Recipients of Obama Campaign: Online Media Spending in 2008
Media Company = Estimated Amount Paid
Google = $7,500,000
Yahoo = $1,500,000
Centro = $1,300,000 = $947,000
Facebook = $643,000
Turner Broadcasting/ = $461,000
Microsoft = $405,000
AOL = $313,000
Interclick = $222,000
Pulse 360 = $222,000
Quigo = $195,000
Collective Media = $168,000
Politico = $151,000
Blogads = $149,000
Time = $147,000
BET Digital = $138,000
Pontiflex = $137,000
Washington Post = $125,000
Undertone Networks = $110,000
The Weather Channel = $108,000

Couple things are interesting about this list and I'd be interested in learning why some of the choices were made. I understand BET Digital, a niche targeting African-Americans, but why no Hispanic ad services, a group that many were concerned weren't going to vote for him? Quigo is a staid, conservative channel that includes Forbes, Fox News, and USA Today... what were they getting out of that? Was one of the other providers filling that niche? Why the Weather Channel? I would have liked to have seen what kind of performance each service got.

Another interesting piece of news served cold by Ron May, is that Centro (#3 on the list) is closing their doors and going out of business very soon. While I know they had an antiquated sales model involving ad men going "door-to-door" selling their service, but how can you run through 1.3 million in sales? I know margins have become razor thin and paying sales people a percentage is prohibitive, but seriously, they had to have had more than one client... This is pure Chicago, nothing risky, take existing business models and retrofit to fit new businesses... even if a new type of business requires a new type of business model. Go figure.

I miss Chicago, but not the deep freezing cold winters. I miss the deep bellowing voice of Ron as he walked into a room, and the collective shudder and search for the nearest exit by many attendees to functions in the Chicago area. I actually like Ron May and had many interesting conversations with him over the years I worked in Chicago. His email newsletter keeps me connected to the place and people of Chicago. :-)


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