Saturday, April 11, 2009

Followup Re: Book Sellers in Gurgaon

At last I have found the bookstore of my dreams. :-) Actually, Will found it at the Galleria Mall. It's called Quill and Canvas Bookstore and Artmart and it is situated on the ground floor.

We visited yesterday and I had my list of Indian writers with me and my attitude that I'll never find Steinbeck here in this country. Of course, they had everything, from Sufi poets, Heidegger, the Vikrams (Chandra & Seth), along with a number of American classics (even Steinbeck). The manager, a lovely well-read woman, was a little bit pushy in showing us books, but it came across as a love of reading, not so much to push a sale. It was obvious that she had read many of her wares and suggested excellent books based on our preferences.

She remembered Will from the week before and what he had bought then, and suggested more books of the same. I like that in a vendor. We will certainly be back, again and again and again.

Quill and Canvas
SG-082 Galleria
DLF City - Phase IV
Phone: 4050306 / 2574416



  1. That is great to know! Great name for a bookstore as well!

  2. Well, Quill and Canvas, is a one of its kind store. I visit there quite often, and yes the proprietor is very courteous. I visit them to buy painting supplies from time to time as well.

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  3. Hi, I thought I'd leave a comment. My fiancee (American) and I (Calcuttan, studying in Ithaca College, NY) are contemplating moving to India. I stumbled upon your blog and recommended it to him, just so that he'd get a feel of what it might be like, just in case we do decide to go through with the move! Great reading.

  4. A friend has been using for books for some time. He is happy with them. And they seem to have quite a few Steinbeck