Friday, June 12, 2009

Suntrica’s Solar Mobile Phone Chargers Save You Money and Save the Planet at the Same Time

I'm just off to CommunicAsia in Singapore, a telecom conference focused on Asia. They will have a whole stream devoted to solar and other alternatively powered technologies. I am super excited to see everything that is available out there...

Suntrica gave me 50 samples of their SolarStrapTM solar mobile phone chargers because VNL is exhibiting at CommunicAsia in Singapore in mid-June. We’re distributing them as a giveaway there to promote their solar products.

Suntrica is a Finnish company that specializes in designing, and manufacturing cost-efficient solar energy harvesting solutions for use with mobile battery powered devices. In the world today, 600 million cellular phone subscribers lack recharging facilities. The fastest growing region for subscriber growth is in the areas +/- 30 degrees from the equator, ideal for solar energy use. These nifty solar powered chargers were short-listed in the Green Network Hardware and Infrastructure category of the CTIA Emerging Technology awards earlier this year.

Suntrica’s charger is about the size of your hand, with Velcro that enables it to wrap around things. It’s extremely lightweight, bendable and weatherproof. The first day, I wrapped it around my clothesline to soak up the sun. I’ve hung it around the strap of my laptop while walking around Delhi and it charges quickly. When you plug your mobile in, the battery shows a red light. Its output is rated at DC 5.5V at 800mA. It comes with a variety of adapters to fit most mobile phones and other portable devices. My friend, Yu Yu Din, founder of Renewable Spirit, bringing solar panels to Burma, was the first user of the product because it fit her phone easily.
“It’s very cool because you can use it anywhere. It’s applicable anywhere you need your mobile working, like disaster areas where there is no reliable electrical grid,” she said.

Hang it anywhere in the sun and always have a fresh (and free!) charge available for your mobile phone. I plan on using mine everywhere. :-)

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