Friday, January 29, 2010

Heading to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Two weeks from now, I will be heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the biggest GSM conference in the world. VNL and Shyam, two of my companies, will be exhibiting across the aisle from each other in Hall 2, so I'll be supervising the building of TWO different booths this year. Exciting? Yes, but also a TON of work. The space is challenging - I'm dealing with three large columns that restricted our options on layout, but we came up with a set of matching designs using the same materials to illustrate the connection between the two companies. I can't wait to share the photos.

VNL will be continuing to demonstrate its village deployment solution, a small, easy-to-assemble solar powered base station that can be transported to any corner of the planet. Shyam Telecom will be introducing a bunch of new products that I'm really excited about.

VNL is also up for two awards - Green Telecom and Technology Innovation. The second day of the show will feature the announcements on these... I'm hoping we win this year. I'd like to see Rajiv make his way to the podium and thank a room full of industry leaders for one or both of the awards!

I'm also looking forward to visiting Spain and eating lots of interesting foods and drinking lovely wines... meeting people from all over the world... meeting up with staff that work on other continents... good times.

See you in Barcelona. :-)

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