Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our New Offices in Kharadi, Pune

iPlace spent considerable time and expense coming up with a new office that would hold 3 times the staff we had at the time. We visited more than twenty sites across the city of Pune, interviewed several architects, sought out financing and after nearly a year of planning and building, we moved in two weeks ago, still unfinished. We had several challenges, from unresponsive architects and vendors, trying to source world class furnishings, designing custom workstations, and developing a design concept that would promote our brand and show the company off as a world class place to work. Which it definitely is. Here I present early photos of our great new office. :-)

IT Tech Park: View from the World Trade Center, Pune

World Trade Center, Pune

Reception Area: Also features security and vendor desks for cabs, concierge services, etc.  We need to change the lights in the down lights to something less yellow. We have fitted LED lights to save electricity and provide a more natural light across the entire space.
Reception Area: Seating for nine visitors with a custom curved glass wall, showcasing the work floor. The ceiling above is being prepared for a sky mural inside a lit dome. Yes, on the sixth floor of a nine story building. :-)
Two interview rooms are equipped with electrical, internet and backup Wi-Fi. Back-painted glass is installed in a matching paint colour to enable them to fade into the background when not required.
Custom curved glass wall from the work floor side. 
As you will notice, there are a few columns, actually lots of columns. We decided to take advantage of them and encase them in back painted glass to use all four sides of each column as white boards. 
You will notice there are a lot of clocks. From any seat on the work floor, each team member can look up and see what time it is in any American time zone. (Signs are coming to identify which time zone!)

Floor to ceiling glass walls provide two views of the beautiful city of Pune.
Each custom workstation has been designed to provide each team member with a lockable drawer for their belongings. Connectivity is available both above and below the desk for PCs and laptops. Pin boards are attached to the back of the workstation (orange cloth). 
Each station is outfitted with an American phone line and a local intercom. Each desk also features dual displays in order for our team members to keep multiple windows open and visible at the same time. Back painted glass separates each station and features more white board space.
iPlace believes in a very flat hierarchy, so there are very few offices/cabins. Only two full time people use them. The rest of the offices are used for meetings, visiting clients, and when the CEO comes to town each quarter. 
Team members even use the glass walls for white boards. I think we're a bit white board crazy. :-) 
Closer view of the custom furniture we designed for the cabins. Storage is along the wall (not pictured) as well as an additional pedestal below desk and accessory storage. Again, the back painted glass used as white board recedes into the background.

Hallway to the cafeteria, showing storage area and the Pledge Wall. As a company, we pledge to be ethical, professional, and client-centric. Each quarter, we re-sign this pledge. This is work in progress. 

Video wall will showcase news and events for our team members, along with sharing some of the awesome comments from clients about their successes working with iPlace team members.
Cafeteria space. The colourful furniture really pops against the drab walls, exactly as we had hoped. :-)
Our friendly housekeeping staff maintaining our self-serve kitchen area, equipped with tea and coffee services, microwaves, refrigerator, tiffin storage, etc. Behind them is a caterer who supplies meals for staff. His menu is usually written, again, on the glass-encased column. What can I say? White boards are very useful...
Each department features custom workstations, upper and lower cabinetry, pin boards... did I mention our chairs? We cut costs in other areas in order to afford the very best chairs for the team which include customisable lumbar support, etc. 
Our conference room is a work still in progress. The table is going and there's much more to do in here... Will post photos again once this is completed, along with the massage centre.
This is my favourite desk in the entire office, in the Finance Department. 
Each department office is outfitted with as much built-in storage as possible. This enabled us to fit a teeny tiny store room next door and add more space for things like a massage centre. :-)
Two of our managers in one of the department offices. We used the windows we had to allow as much natural light as possible into the rooms. Glass doors also bring additional natural light into the hallways.
Another view of the work floor.
Interview room 
Training room filled with amazing new trainees that just started this week. :-)

So that is it for now. Our internal recruiting team is already reporting a huge upturn in candidates accepting offers. They love the "vibe", stating that it feels very modern, and they love the fact that everyone looks like "they're having fun while at work". I'm very proud of the space and invite you to visit if you are interested in offshore recruiting! Send your CV to to get started. 

Would love to know what people think. Let me know in the comments. Cheers. :-)


  1. Great office! Seems like a lot of thought and effort went into it. Can you share who did your interiors?

    1. I designed the interiors with a lot of help from Transitions Architects located here in Pune. DO NOT use Meta Arch. They were used to create our first space, but Transitions was primarily responsible for the look and feel, e.g., the painted columns with glass used as white boards and the curved glass in the foyer. Meta Arch went WAY over budget, performed poor work, never met a deadline and nearly killed the company. I highly recommend working with Transitions. They were great to work with, very responsive, creative, and stayed under budget and met every deadline with excellent quality. We'll be using them again for our next buildout. :-)