Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Advertising and Marketing in general is all about getting in touch with human emotion and relationships. Here, a scene from Mad Men, and American series about the advertising industry in the 1960's shows a prime example of just perfect, on target, potential of advertising.

NOTE: If you get an error message saying that this video is no longer available, welcome India. India has strict censorship. Total pain in the a$$. You'll need a U.S. Proxy to view. Google "U.S. proxy sites" to learn more about it. You could probably use any other number of countries, too and just change the advanced settings in yoy Internet Options.

Man, I want to be that good. As a kid, after school, watching cartoons with my two brothers, they'd be watching Tom and Jerry fight it out, while I colored, then poke each other and wrestle during the commercials. I, on the other hand, stopped coloring and watched the commercials. I vividly remember Slinky, and Hula Hoops and cereal commercials. I wanted to do that. I didn't realize what that was at the time, but I didn't want the toy or the cereal, I wanted to make people pay attention and want something. I thought it was magic.

I tell people all the time that marketing is all about human emotion and the psychology behind it. Target markets have specific behaviors that can be capitalized on. They have feelings, moods, desires that they want fulfilled. Finding the connection, the slide carousel to the fundamental feeling for the "good ole days", was brilliant. Finding that fundamental connection should be your first priority when developing your next advertising campaign.

Okay, now the internet marketer in me says, then tie it in to a microsite and feature interactive capabilties that maintain and fulfill that connection. In the 1960's they couldn't take advantage of the technology and reach we can accomplish with the internet. Embed an API in social networks so that the fundamental carousel and its accompanying slides can come out from storage and be appreciated anew. New technology can be developed that can enable an easier way to digitalize slides so they can continue to be that time capsule.

But bottom line, if a plastic wheel can do this, what can your product do?


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