Friday, February 13, 2009

This is What I'm Up Against..

The linkers are supposed to be hired with the expectation that they can send out email templates and negotiate responses with prospective site owners. Trying to explain how important decent English is to HR is critical. This is what i deal with on a daily basis. Now I just bring my manager to all performance meetings with individuals on the team and have him translate everything into Hindi so they understand it when I say that they are in danger of losing their job.

[22:42:24] *linker* Hi Mam, Good morning
[22:43:37] *linker* actually jayanta ask me talk to mam..
[22:56:01] *linker* I have send you reports in your gmail account ..

[23:04:44] *Jeanne* For links to *realestatesite*?

[23:04:59] *linker* yes mam..

[23:05:21] *Jeanne* is there a problem with your list?

[23:05:56] *linker* what problem ..

[23:06:52] *Jeanne* I'm asking what did Jayanta want you to talk to me about?

[23:07:18] *linker* ok Mam..
[23:12:03] *linker* Actually mam I want you I Fokas only Real estate site ..
[23:12:19] *linker* Not *gamblingsite*
[23:14:50] *linker* because when page is cached them then i willl started reciprocal exchange ..

[23:15:39] *Jeanne* huh? I have no idea what you are talking about.

[23:17:02] *linker* so mam please ask to janyta ,no any question for *gamblingsite* ..
[23:17:17] *linker* withe me..

[23:17:44] *Jeanne* You need to finish monitoring the *gamblingsite* links you already started.

[23:18:19] *linker* because amoad is also doing directory submission..

[23:18:35] *Jeanne* That should be a 30 - 40 minute task a day, then spend the rest of your time on *realestatesite*

[23:19:12] *linker* I foaks only only Real estate site .when then i search them manually *gamblingsite*..

[23:19:59] *Jeanne* yes. But you must finish up the links you already started with *gamblingsite* or you don't get credit for them.

[23:20:49] *** *linker* is Offline

And this guy is actually our best directory linker. Imagine the issues I have with other staff! :-)



  1. ha ha ha...i can understand the frustration...on both the ends...i wondering about the poor directory linker...he must be like....what this gori madam doesnt understand anything :P


  2. You keep complaining about India and Indians, but you chose to move there voluntarily in search of a job.

    So, if you are frustrated with the country or it's people, why not return to your country?

  3. You know, I've just come down with viral hepatitis, and I'm in bed for the next 15 days. I will be rethinking this idea. If you want to understand why I came here, you'll need to read a rather long post on my other blog:

    Pretty much explains why I'm here. It was a dream that doesn't seem to be attainable anymore.

  4. oho get well soon...

    work pressures are everywhere and of an different natures...enjoy them

    humor is a good way of looking at all the shit in life :P

    take a hint learn some hindi and the slightly unhygienic way of living...u will be able to feel more at home then :)

  5. My boss reacts the same way when he has to deal with Polish testers that our company seems to hiring like crazy. Guess you get what you pay for.

  6. hahaha, that was such a funny chat..I cannot for the life of me understand what it meant..

  7. HA HA HA HA - This gets better. We're still hiring linkers. I had a conversation with one of my Internet Marketing Managers, who BTW, very professional, very astute, detailed-oriented, Indian (There ARE professionals here - once you find them, support them and pay them as well as you can). We were sitting in the conference room and we were discussing the issue of why we can't get decent linkers.

    He described a situation where a person had been interviewed by HR, another IM Manager, the VP of Biz Dev, and finally the director of the company. When he finally interviewed the guy (as a courtesy he was told), he was absolutely no good.

    "What was the problem?" I asked.

    "He couldn't speak English," he said.

    I asked, "How did he manage to get through four interviews before you? Did they interview him in English?"

    He just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, "I didn't think to ask."

    "Why would you? It's basically the only requirement we have for hiring linkers."

  8. Oh! Come on Jeanne, don't make fun of that poor linker. These guys never speak English and one more important thing I noticed, Americans never use best English. I found a lot of grammatical mistakes while talking to an American client. Either British use the perfect or Indians.

  9. Oh, certainly agree with you - the average American is incredibly stupid and entirely self-obsessed. The level of education is what I call "stupider". If you think I have issues with my workforce here, I had a totally different set of challenges, especially with sales people, in the U.S.

    God, I hope you weren't thinking I'm saying Americans are better, because that is so not true.

  10. No, No ! Don't get me wrong. I agree to your words. No problem. I liked your our delhi specially "Dave and Jeanne". I liked the poster.

    Anyway, for which company you're working?

  11. How did you get viral hepatitis?

    People are afraid of living in africa, but i'm beginning to think that there might be more germs in india due to the large population.

  12. Ha ha ha I think you are confused about your criteria on one hand you are saying you need good English to be a good linker and on other hand you are saying this guy is your best linker which means you do not need good English to be a good linker.

  13. He's our best directory linker whose been given templates for every conceivable purpose. Everything has to be explained to him in Hindi. he may be our best linker so far, but he's nowhere near my ideal. The targets have not been achieved by any of linkers yet. We were very successful with the same targets in Kolkata, but here... not even close. :-(