Monday, February 9, 2009

Are You Seeing Anything Weird About My Blog?

I had a reader state that the template I'm using is completely not working for them. I was wondering if other people were also not seeing, for example, the right column, the RSS feeds, etc., or if they were displaying over the text? I will be replacing the template as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.



  1. i don't see anything weird? nothing is overlapping or anything for me here...just thought i would let you know

  2. I think your previous design was way better and more readable compared to this one. The person who left a comment sayin your old design was bad or broken was probably someone from your previous work place, reacting to your honest analysis of their press release :)

    - Sam

  3. I liked the previous design better, too. This one is just temporary until I can either fix the old one, or find a new one.

    Errors are typically under-reported, less than 5% of visitors will actually take the time to let you know. If someone says there's a problem, by all means, check it out. Typically it's an issue with one browser. Now with Chrome in the mix, you should be testing across IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and a text-only version like Lynx.

    When are we going to get a standardized browser structure and syntax? Seriously, I've been bitching about this since 1998 (when I bitched about having to QA two - IE and Netscape to deal with).

    What I've learned is that absolutely clean code is your best chance. Time to go searching for a new template. Anyboday know of some good blogger templates, either extremely clean and minimalist or something with a bit of Indian flair?


  4. I can see it just fine.